12 Messages  |  1 PEOPLESomeone calm me down bc I'm lowkey having an anxiety attack

  1. Posted by cronix_blood ,

    Yeah good luck honey! @jiminie

  2. Posted by Park_jimin ,

    @cronix_blood I'm just going to try and get through this first day without killing myself and maybe Tomorrow t'll be easier

  3. Posted by cronix_blood ,

    @jiminie well on my first day of school in a new school I was hella shy I barely talked but then I just asked someone to help me with finding my way around school and they ended up being my best friend for almost two years

  4. Posted by Park_jimin ,

    @cronix_blood how does one make friends and stop oneself from doing something embarrassing?

  5. Posted by cronix_blood ,

    @jiminie oh yes I've been there before it was so horrible

  6. Posted by Park_jimin ,

    @cronix_blood new school, new people, new teachers. It's too much and I'm too shy for this.

  7. Posted by cronix_blood ,

    What's wrong broskie @jiminie

  8. Posted by Park_jimin ,

    @cronix_blood no

  9. Posted by cronix_blood ,

    You good fam

  10. Posted by Park_jimin ,

    Smh I can't even get spelling right today

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