71 Messages  |  3 PEOPLESo anyone here like Rosario vampire if you do have you read the manga or just watched the anime?

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    That's good season 2 is more filler in opinion but you will still enjoy it

  2. Posted by cutiekinsgirl ,

    I've watched the anime it's really good so far im only on season one

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  4. Posted by sirvulcan ,

    Sure I'll try to help

  5. Posted by Sinbad_twins ,

    @__sora hey. I created a chat. It's currently private. But would you like me to add you into it? It's to work on the Aa for the rp ^^;

  6. Posted by Sinbad_twins ,

    https://youtu.be/St7es7yRygw AMV here. It sort of sucks but mer. And ok...Um.... Do you wanna help me come up with a plan for the rp? ;3; I've never made a Rosario one before ><

  7. Posted by sirvulcan ,

    Pleasure to meet and sure and dew it

  8. Posted by Sinbad_twins ,

    Hm... I sort of want to make a Rosario Vampire role play...For both ocs and canons .3.

  9. Posted by Sinbad_twins ,

    Wanna see the amv? Though it's like a quick video some of my husbanos =w=

  10. Posted by Sinbad_twins ,

    Thanks ^^ :3 This is Fang btw XD So. Nice to meet you ^.^

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