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    Jeremy was actually paying attention, it being rather rare for him since he was a bit rude towards others. He was quiet and obedient during the time he was shown around, but still rolled his eyes as he muttered about the door and its knocking. He figured he didn't really feel like staring around anymore since he had seen about everything, so he just came in with Trevor. Suddenly, he realised something. "You didn't claim me as your slave yet, so I can sleep somewhere else." He muttered, again with a slight smirk on his face. Jeremy could be really cocky sometimes, and this was such a moment. He had his arms crossed over his chest and his brows peered up, standing at the end of the bed where his soon his probable master was laying on.

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    Trevor began to point out places which most likely would've been important to the new slave of the house. Some examples were the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etcetera. With the young master's fairly speedy pace, the tour didn't seem to take longer than perhaps thirty or forty minutes at most. The last place the master had stopped by was his own bedroom before turning to face Jeremy for the first time since he had started the miniature tour. "This is my bedroom," Trevor stated, "and where you will be sleeping. Aside from at night, you should not enter without knocking first unless I am with you at the moment. If you enter without knocking expect some kind of scolding at the least. If you'd like, you can explore the mansion for a while or just sit in here with me. I'll be in here reading if you have any questions." With that, the strict male swiftly turned and adjusted the tie on his neck before entering his room and sitting back onto his bed so he could finish the book he had almost finished before he heard the clearing of the new slave's throat earlier.

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    The young boy smirked lightlt, barely noticeable at the hear of the sarcasm in the master's voice. He sighed as he started to walk along - better said behind - him, gazing around at the obviously wonderfull palace looking place. This was the prettiest one so far, that for sure. Jeremy had to quicken his step to keep up with Trevor, since he was taking fairly big passes and the other boy was not really long legged, making his steps smaller immediately. He frowned at the man as he mentioned he would find a way himself if he didn't say his original name, so with a scoff he started talking. "Jeremy. Jeremy Smith." He muttered, the same annoyance sounded in his voice. Jeremy pushed back his hair once again as they stopped walking, Trevor telling him he better is obedient. He opened his mouth to protest against it, but as soon as he turned around again he just shut it and replaced his words with a grumble. He could already tell that this one won't be easy to get rid of.

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    The young master put his emotionless clear water eyes onto the male in the pastel pink, hearing the other male's words and giving a roll of his eyes before folding his arms over his chest then focusing his eyes back onto the boy. "I see you have a mouth," Trevor said with his mellow voice holding just an ounce of sarcasm in it, "nice." He let a deep sigh escape his lips before he turned and gave a gesture of his hand ordering the slave to follow after him. "Come along," Trevor stated, "I should show you around the mansion if you'll be working here. My name is Trevor, but you will address me as Master Trevor or Sir Trevor. Now, state your own name, please, unless I am to make my own for you." Based off the way the master more demanded these things rather than asked of them it was easy to see he might be fairly demanding as well as finding unruly behavior unacceptable and sticking strict with his rules. These weren't far from the truth of his personality either, which would be seen in his next words as the male spun back on his feet and locked eyes with Jeremy. "Oh," He began, "and I should tell you my one rule. You will listen to me, and I will not accept any behavior which goes against this or seems even a teensy bit disobedient, understand?" Before the other could even reply, he turned back around and folded his hands behind his back once again before starting to walk down the long corridor. @cosmoo

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    Jeremy pushed his black bangs back slightly with his right hand, which was covered to almost the tips of his fingers with the pretty long sleeves of the hoodie. He could say that the man who was walking up to him was pretty attractive, the suit completely finishing his looks. The small boy rose an eyebrow at his question, with his usual glare he stared into the other's eyes. "What did you expect, a prince?" Jeremy muttered with clear annoyance in his tone, after a deep sigh he turned his head away from the taller male and grumbled a bit, stuffing his hands back in his pockets.

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