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  1. Posted by Hatter_Vamp ,

    @xxxyxungdxggxrdxck lol

  2. Posted by jackson_boi ,

    Nah its to meta for me, i play real games like, MotorCross racer 4 and sea world adventure park tycoon.

  3. Posted by Hatter_Vamp ,

    Ever play Borderlands?

  4. Posted by jackson_boi ,

    I collect toes as trophys

  5. Posted by Hatter_Vamp ,

    I can see my entire family hobbling around with no toes 😂😂😂😂

  6. Posted by Hatter_Vamp ,

    @xxxyxungdxggxrdxck I wish you would 😂

  7. Posted by jackson_boi ,

    @soul_of_the_lost Nahh imma catch a case to take his toes then imma yeet outta there, dab, then take yo whole blood lines toes

  8. Posted by Hatter_Vamp ,

    @xxxyxungdxggxrdxck dad’s in prison and I didn’t got a kid but you can just have mine lol

  9. Posted by jackson_boi ,

    and imma take yo 3rd great grandchilds toes

  10. Posted by jackson_boi ,

    and imma take yo daddy toes

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