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  1. Posted by girarai ,

    @sonofsatan perfect fucking timing XD))

  2. Posted by itsok ,


  3. Posted by girarai ,

    @sonofsatan perfect fucking timing XD))

  4. Posted by sonofsatan ,

    @cheikkipt dude theres a train going by right now XD))

  5. Posted by girarai ,

    @sonofsatan -looks at the person before making aloud train vibration sound-

  6. Posted by sonofsatan ,

    @cheikkipt -random pedestrian- bro my fucking car what the hell man

  7. Posted by girarai ,

    -once I realize I can’t fit inside I would grow angry and take it out on someone’s car outside, as I ran at stomping on it once I got close to it then I would pick it up and slam it into another car-

  8. Posted by sonofsatan ,

    Well bigger bios than me

  9. Posted by sonofsatan ,

    God people still makeing big bios

  10. Posted by not_your_sass ,

    Name: Eclipse Age: 22 Personality: Sassy and sarcastic with a sweet side Accent: British Strength: Strong Height: 5”10 Weight: 140 lbs Role: Slave

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