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  1. Posted by korge_17 ,

    Its retarded

  2. Posted by Ian_ M,

    Same and film cost 45$ for just 4 takes bahahaha

  3. Posted by korge_17 ,

    I need like a lightbulb and film for it

  4. Posted by korge_17 ,

    No I got it in an antique store

  5. Posted by korge_17 ,

    When a thot reaches for my cock I hit em with my glock

  6. Posted by Ian_ M,

    Not the ones from bestbuy

  7. Posted by Ian_ M,

    The one i found is big

  8. Posted by korge_17 ,

    Mine is broken

  9. Posted by Ian_ M,

    I found a polaroid in my house, finna be a photographer.

  10. Posted by Ian_ M,

    Okay go tan more

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