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  1. Posted by glitchmonger ,

    Any single girls here looking for a nice reationship with a nice guy. I 17 and 6" 2 and im really a careing guy so anyone looking for someone that will care about dm me.

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  3. Posted by jesterlgbt ,

    What is iiiiit @Shy_lil_asian

  4. Posted by lil_gayman ,

    @jesterlgbt I have another account I'm usually on....maybe you should go there actually it's still me but I just never confirm my gender hmm I'll find this chat from there

  5. Posted by lil_gayman ,

    @jesterlgbt oh sorry I didn't notice your message but hiiiii))

  6. Posted by jesterlgbt ,

    Hiiiii @Shy_lil_asian

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  8. Posted by jesterlgbt ,

    Hello @Anime1245

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  10. Posted by lil_gayman ,

    @jesterlgbt that's cool

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