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  1. Posted by might ,

    @infamous_alex Honestly I think the 2nd one is the best out of them all

  2. Posted by might ,

    Never mind I will just join

  3. Posted by shikamaruu ,

    @saruto You can join someone's team. @saruto

  4. Posted by might ,

    So can I just join the fight or should I just wait till its over.

  5. Posted by shikamaruu ,

    @rhys Lol

  6. Posted by yamanaka721852 🌹,

    I say @barkbox64 :P

  7. Posted by shikamaruu ,

    @Rhys @barkbox64 Who would like to post first?

  8. Posted by blackbeast_oftheleaf867655 ,

    @silver彑 you drew those

  9. Posted by shikamaruu ,

    Okay, I'm done.

  10. Posted by shikamaruu ,

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