28 Messages  |  2 PEOPLEShould pedophilia be legalized? Support for it is rapidly rising. I'd like some opinions.

  1. Posted by zeta ,

    But you see, one leftist can't speak for all leftists.

  2. Posted by kokiriforestresident_78 K,

    Yeah. Think what you want. As a leftist, I can say with certainty the WE ARE NOT FOR THAT DISGUSTING SHIT. Educate yourself before spouting sick shit

  3. Posted by talizorah4774 ,

    The people who support it aren't trolls. I know the difference. This isn't shit you find on 4chan or random internet threads.

  4. Posted by talizorah4774 ,

    The left are insane. They focus more on being progressive and accepting everyone for who they are even if those people are psychotic maniacs.

  5. Posted by talizorah4774 ,

    @kokiriforestresident Lol yes they do. They had an entire news clip regarding a pedo as a hero for not molesting a little girl he masturbated to instead.

  6. Posted by kokiriforestresident_78 K,

    No one truly supports it. Most of the support you see online are just trolls. The "left" do not support any of it

  7. Posted by talizorah4774 ,

    Yeah the left has been insane about that kind of shit. They want to make it okay to be a pedophile and be treated as a person who just has a different sexual preference. Children don't know what sex is. Children are traumatized by being molested and or raped. Pedophiles are sick, perverted, disgusting freaks and shouldn't be viewed as normal. It's one thing to be in your 20's and after a girl between 15-17. At that age, a girl should know what sex is, she's most likely developed and can make her own choices. It's another thing to be after a little boy or girl who's 8 years old. It's sick.

  8. Posted by zeta ,

    Pedosexuals is what they call themselves.

  9. Posted by zeta ,

    And yet they try to lump them together to make it seem acceptable.

  10. Posted by lxovo ,

    Is a BIG difference

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