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    A w a k e n

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    @noise "Hello there, ma'am. Are, are you okay?", TJ, shrugged before he kicked at some sand, which had piled up at the shore. He watched as 'Gulls flew up above, wishing he could fly away with them, off this stinking island.- "M-my names TJ. TJ Armstrong, you are?"

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    Sorry guys))@thefemaleorgasmisamyth @lujuria @heeeeeyden @noise @noise

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    Going to doctor see ya!

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    //ill reply soon. My niece puked on my boobs, and I need to shower

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    @heeeeeyden @noise “I’m glad you’re okay too.” Okay wasn’t really the word for their condition. It was more ‘I’m relived that somehow you’re still breathing and in one piece.’ He took a sigh and glanced around. The island itself was breathtaking, but the circumstances made that view of optimism seem less than important. “We should check on the others..” The closest person to them was Elize. Chen didn’t know too much about her, besides she was smart. That was a given if you were in a science class with her. “Elize! Are you okay?” God, he hated that word. Of course she wasn’t okay. No one on that boat was. But he used it as more of a physical condition. Anyone with anything broken or something needed to be tended to first.

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    @lujuria ok)

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    @heeeeeyden yeah what they said^^//

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    @bisby i wasn’t the first to post but i just made it so my guy woke up first because he had something to do then he was out of energy so he rested until the rest woke up by themselves //

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