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    Looking for a royal incestous mom for a lewd rp session. Message me. Please be literate, female, okay with hermaphrodites, and have a picture to post with your intro. Here's the plot: It was a terribly long journey. The kingdom had just been under attack. You were separated from your daughter, only to see her soon return. Your heart sinks, and you run to her, wrapping your arms around her, and...kissing her? It wasn't a secret that most kingdoms were incestous, but what you had was deeper...Your daughter was a hermaphrodite,and you two were...lovers. This roleplay is in a medieval fantasy setting with magic and different tools in it. There will also be traveling and such. Feel free to start. Send your picture, and note, you'll be my birth mother. You can send a paragraph, I'm lazy lit, so there's a warning in advance. Make sure your character somewhat looks like this: ->> And let it be known the mother already knows the following: Lilynette was born with a penis. Lilynette can cum large amounts. Lilynette has cow ears and a tail. For the moms personality type, she's shy , motherly, and prudish. She's shy when it comes to sex. She's also married, not widowed.

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    @yuno_gassai yep

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