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    Jasmine was content in her own thoughts, happy to finally get away from everything and everyone. She didn't like not being close to anyone but she also didn't mind it and often had times where she was sadened by the lack of being social but he never showed it.

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    @theroleplayingal @janehopper @allison8946 sorry I toke so long to answer I was in English. )) James turned the other way towards the trees again. Jay followed James. "But James I wanted to go to the water." James rolled his eyes. "You never take things seriously now eat your coconut." Jay pouted and toke a bit of his coconut.

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    @janehopper "Sure, why not?" Sasha asked slowly walking to the beach. "Well? Are you coming?" She asked as she turned back to Micheal who was just standing their. She looked back at the sun, "Due to it's distance from the west horizon you can telk that about three hours has passed since it's rising, the sun rises about 6 or 7 in the morning, meaning it is around 10 am," Sasha explained, you can do it with shadows too, depends on how far the shadow stretches is how late or early it is."

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    Michael chuckled and just shook his head at her. “I don’t understand how you can tell time by just looking at the sun,” he told her. He understood a lot of stuff, but telling time with the sun was not one of those things. “Well, I guess it proves that the female gender is smarter than the male.” He shrugged. He wouldn’t doubt it. He turned to her, standing back a bit. “Almost 10:30, want to be my training partner. I’m sure you’ll kick my ass, but I’ll put up hell of a good fight.” He chuckled. @theroleplayingal

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    @janehopper "I'm fine," Sasha snswered to Micheal's first question, "No, I wouldn't want to miss training, not knowing where in the sky the sun stands." She answered to the second, telling what time it is by the position of the sun always helped Sasha stay on time. She stuck her thumb out and placed it infront if the sun. "Well, it must be around 10 in the morning," Sasha added, she turned around and looked at her shadow, "10:26 I suppose."

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    Jasmine had decided to take a rest day, she rarely took them but she needed it. She walked over to one if the building where she climbed to the roof. She was relaxed and had a decent of the place, and she enjoyed it. Jasmine relaxed, again, absorbing the suns warm rays.

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    Michael just chuckled at Sasha’s warning and looked out to the water. He grinned as a small breeze picked up and he breathed in the salty air. “Today’s absolutely great,” he told her. He always found the good in things. “Madelyn’s somewhere in the forest, ignoring my existence.” He chuckled. “How are you?” He saw how she reacted to the sun and nodded, knowing that with her powers any source of light would only mean bad news. “We can head to the cave, if you want? This time of day there shouldn’t be any sun shining in there?” He offered helpfully. @theroleplayingal

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