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    @angels_darkness_ \\

  2. Posted by r0bloxgangyt ,

    Is it ok if i can be Audrey? \\

  3. Posted by r0bloxgangyt ,

    Hey \\

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    Name: Age: (If a student, 16-17) Gender: Basic Personality: (about a paragraph) Basic Bio: (nothing much, just a couple/few sentences about your character's past) Favorite Scary Movie/s: (Your character's favorite, not yours. But feel free to include your personal #1 at the bottom of the page if you read everything) Appearance: Bio template You can also be a cop or teacher if youd like)

  5. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    @silver don't worry your fine :)) it's not hard to understand

  6. Posted by silver_41 ,

    Never seen the movies :( //

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