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  1. Posted by asamichiharu ,

    @cheshirecat (😂😂😂) (maybe😉)

  2. Posted by 420_donut ,

    @moonspirit1 same//

  3. Posted by cheshirecat ,

    @asamichiharu U WANNA GET LAID!)) Jk don't hate me))

  4. Posted by asamichiharu ,

    @clever_girl (okay😀😀))

  5. Posted by shadowedlucifer ,

    @penauxlte *he walks in* and how is that? The genetics thing.

  6. Posted by clever_girl ,

    @asamichiharu okay I'll be on the sidewalk near ya or something)

  7. Posted by moonspirit1 ,

    I give up

  8. Posted by asamichiharu ,

    @xxfoxykillzxx -smiles hardly- Wanna be Rommates?!?!?😃😃😃

  9. Posted by 420_donut ,

    - turns to chapter 5 continuing on from where I ended -

  10. Posted by dragonnarubryan ,

    @nearstar Yeah *smiles*

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