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  1. Posted by tokyo_ghoul_shima ,

    @glitchkuro she got up * I'm sorry I can g...get emotional

  2. Posted by glitchkuro ,

    @tokyo_ghoul_shima *gets up and helps her*

  3. Posted by saxor96 ,

    He take back his sword and stoped his training

  4. Posted by tokyo_ghoul_shima ,

    @glitchkuro sniff* it's ok* she wiped her tears*

  5. Posted by glitchkuro ,

    @tokyo_ghoul_shima *hugs back* im sorry about that. It happens sometimes

  6. Posted by saxor96 ,

    He continued to train like that for a few minutes

  7. Posted by Unknown ,

    •-| ))

  8. Posted by baka_moon ,


  9. Posted by tokyo_ghoul_shima ,

    @glitchkuro she cried a little*

  10. Posted by saxor96 ,

    Arrived on a special training ground He breathed slowly and made some blow in the air with his sword

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