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  1. Posted by Kitty_claw ,

    @arune xD my rping buddy left me becuz i went to take a shower .3.//

  2. Posted by Mayiko ,

    @arune use the stick! The stiiiiiiiiiiick//

  3. Posted by arune ,

    @Moonlight_wold_sapph no problem at all ^~^ I just joined this whole community so im in the dust also. XD//

  4. Posted by Lord_king_Death ,

    @chiho - stands behind u and hugs u -

  5. Posted by Lord_king_Death ,

    @tulip53 @chiho - looks at u - hmm

  6. Posted by Kitty_claw ,

    @arune Oh...thanks ^-^//

  7. Posted by akumakingg ,

    @baka_alexfirewelder塩 I say this -->

  8. Posted by arune ,

    @Moonlight_wolf_sapph yep I will ^~^\\

  9. Posted by Kitty_claw ,

    @arune Rlly :/?))

  10. Posted by its_yukine ,

    @chiho @genji_nightmare *she pulls Oneone out of her bag and brings him to an arcade machine.* work your magic Oneone.

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