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  1. Posted by xxxkiritoxxx1656 ,

    @jacksonm lol

  2. Posted by jacksonm ,


  3. Posted by xxxkiritoxxx1656 ,

    No u

  4. Posted by jacksonm ,

    The person who responds under this is double gay

  5. Posted by xxxkiritoxxx1656 ,

    @anonymouse what’s up))

  6. Posted by Shin ,

    I'm back sorry I had to dm someone and rp with them ]]

  7. Posted by hopeless_ghost ,

    @__jack_ hello)

  8. Posted by xxxkiritoxxx1656 ,


  9. Posted by alexandr_106 ,

    @kayshee now his fire is yeelow and blue same with ice and yellow once heal and blue destroys amd than the blood magic but he realy does it hes imuned to fire and ice if hes hit by them it boosts him aginst his aponits atacks or his fire or ice but it dont last long))

  10. Posted by kayshee ,

    @alexandr_106 ( you’re too over powered ;c )

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