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    I walk in wearing an old dress I've had for a long time. I wear fishnet tights with black stilettos with it, and my red hair Cascades down my back. I walk up to a fellow student "Hello.. I'm Strawberry." I click my tongue and wink flirtatiously while my bright red lips form into a smirk. Turning away, I walk in a sassy manner,my hips swaying seductively and my Succubus tail poking out from underneath my short black dress. I giggle as I feel the Sexual energies radiating off of him,feeding my ravenous hunger

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    Name: Waterlilly Luna Angelis (Known as Strawberry and that is her preferred name. Call her anything else and she will get pissed) Gender: Female Age: 17 Sexuality: Pansexual Grade: Junior  •species and powers/weapons: Shifter of 3 alters (Siren,Nekomimi,succubus/Vampire hybrid) Abilities and Powers: Shifting abilities Siren:Elemental Powers,Weather(storms when she becomes Extremely Sad,Anxious or Angry),Hypnotic Alure that can hypnotize almost all creatures of any power, She is extremely musically talented and can create music out of thin air. The Full moon makes her extremely powerful but she isn't in control of her powers and it could be dangerous to her and others. Her tears can bring thriving life to anywhere where the tears hit. Nekomimi: Cat like abilities,Fast in speed,Athletic,has a powerful bite that CAN inject venom when threatened. Has an ability to communicate to other animals because she is part animal herself Vampire/Succubus : Gains significant amount of energy from blood Super strength,Flying abilities,heightened senses,Very strong fire elemental ~Appearance~ Dominant hair color is pink though she likes to change her hair color a lot. Her hairstyle varies Eye Colour: Hetrochromia blue and violet Skin: Pale Tattoos/Markings: Upsidown Heart on her left cheek Height: 4"2 Weight: 70lbs Build: Slim but  Curvy,Very petite ~Extras~ Kitten ears and tail-Can Vary. Dominant Color is Pink Clothes: Strawberry can be extremely random with her styles and doesn't just stick to only one. The styles She affiliates with are Scene,Pastel goth,Lolita,Girly,gothic or whatever she decides to wear •weaknesses: Has Struggles with an Eating Disorder Which can weaken her greatly for obvious reasons. She is also very short for her age •background information(optional): Her parents are-  Tavvira- Siren Of the Pacific Ocean Tribe And is known to have the Shifting gene in her family. Macy-Descended By a line of Purebred Nekomimis, Bitten by a rogue Vampire at a young age.

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    Name: Yuna Kyeong ====== Gender: female Age: 17 Role:🎶 ====== Appearance Hair: Long flowy black hair Eyes: brown. Skin Tone: pale Height: 5'3 " Clothes: usually wears clothes that will match her current hair. Dresses super casual. Wears skirts, shorts, ripped pants. Extras: Yuna is an attention grabber, she will do anything to get what she wants over others. She loves to sing and workout to relieve stress. She is pretty athletic and competitive and is one to get jealous easily. ====== Habits- Forgetting things, interrupting people while talking, playing/touching her hair constantly. Daydreaming in the wrong moments, rolling her eyes. Likes: dancing, animals, sports, collecting pins, writing, receiving attention (lots of it) Dislikes: people who steal the attention, people bugging her, preppy girls, being touched, talking to others/socializing.

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    @chibitenshi Yeah i understand mate //

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    I wanted to do kinda all the relationships ya know? Sorry!!@arrow_ /

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    Damn it i would join but is a gxg thingy//

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