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  1. Posted by Nightmarefall65 ,

    I fight agains a mini boss and i use a 17 combo skill and kill him

  2. Posted by Nightmarefall65 ,

    I fight agains monsters

  3. Posted by Lucas_the_wolf ,

    @goddess_kat no... kinda..."

  4. Posted by goddess_faith_0 ,

    @lucas_the_wolf i run to you "you okay?"

  5. Posted by Lucas_the_wolf ,

    @goddess_kat -I layed there in pain-

  6. Posted by goddess_faith_0 ,

    @lucas_the_wolf -i try to teleport to you and i succeed -

  7. Posted by Lucas_the_wolf ,

    @goddess_kat -the boss attacks and I go flying across the room as my health goes Yellow

  8. Posted by goddess_faith_0 ,

    @lucas_the_wolf i keep an eye on your health bar

  9. Posted by Lucas_the_wolf ,

    @goddess_kat -the door closed as I jump and the mini boss appears- "oh... crap....

  10. Posted by goddess_faith_0 ,

    @lucas_the_wolf i start to cry fearing the worst

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