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  1. Posted by Lucas_the_wolf ,

    @goddess_kat -I smiled and quickly pulled my sword back out as i ran at him quickly dodging his attacks-

  2. Posted by goddess_faith_0 ,

    @lucas_the_wolf "finne"

  3. Posted by Lucas_the_wolf ,

    @goddess_kat B-but I wanna help...

  4. Posted by goddess_faith_0 ,

    @lucas_the_wolf i look at you "stay down"

  5. Posted by Lucas_the_wolf ,

    @goddess_kat -I slowly stand up and pull out my sword-

  6. Posted by Nightmarefall65 ,

    @lelilolali rly cool))

  7. Posted by Lelilolali ,

    @nightmarefall65 hey, I am the lurking Queen))

  8. Posted by Nightmarefall65 ,

    Yay the romace between u two can beggin now i will be lurking hehe @goddess_kat @lucas_the_wolf ))

  9. Posted by goddess_faith_0 ,

    @lucas_the_wolf i dodge the attack and swing rapidly fast

  10. Posted by Lucas_the_wolf ,

    @nightmarefall65 ^-^))

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