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    @bloodqueen ))

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    Ryko looks confused at the man and how he recovered so quickly. He went back to looking around and seeing a wanted poster for several criminals amongst the region. He saw many faces and hadn't seen them before.

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    Senu stopped and turned "little girl you're gonna want to let go" he said he had lost the slur instantly and seemed completely composed almost as if he was never drunk whatsoever he shoved her grip from his shoulder and shook his head "what is with the kids these days they see one older guy and think oh he needs my help" he said sarcastically as he reassuringly patted the hilt of his katana

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    *I rolled my eyes as I then placed my hand on the mans shoulder my grip gentle as I keep myself calm* let's go, you need to lie down for a bit *at this point I was trying to get the guy off the street before he hurt himself or anyone else for that matter*

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    "What a strange village..." Ryko says under his breath as he moves toward the drunk man to see what he does next, almost thinking he's looking for trouble.

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    Senu turns to her taking a long drink from his bottle swallowing loudly "getting thrown out of a dump what does it look like?" He asked walking past her looking the younger man up and down "cute boyfriend" he called with a slut as he stumbled past them slowly "don't go in there kids there's a better one down the road and they have" he turned tossing the empty bottle at the sign of the inn "REAL BEER" he said laughing before turning towards the road

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    *my attention was now turned around towards the drunk who was making a loud outburst, I let out a long heavy sigh* I'll be back *I began to walk over to the man who couldn't even stand on his own two feet wabbling around as if the ground was shaking under him. My steps slow and quiet* hey!!! *I flick the blue haired man* what are you doing?!

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    "Uh.....yeah" Ryko said looking curiously at the dark figure next to him "Who are you?" He said looking on alert and ready.

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