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    @sirwatson Hey is this still a thing?))

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    That people join )

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    But there's a chance

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    @sirwatson people might be as uninterested as last time

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    @sirwatson idk.

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    @slecnat (I could, Yet I'm not sure how I could do that.)

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    @sirwatson you should remake this)

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    Jenova sat, tucking herself in a darker corner to keep herself hidden. She more or less grew up in the wasteland, and admitted to not getting along in the slightest with the people. She preferred it alone anyways, it left her with no chances to come out with a knife in her back. Her dark eyes shifted from above the gasmask she wore as the air was not breathable to her, call it a defect as everyone did. She sat on the ground sharpening the curve of her axe quickly, but was doing it carefully and doing it right. She didn't know what would happen when she came across another. It was always different but somehow more often then not people ended up with a battle axe latched onto their ribs and if she wanted to with the effort, she could have done much more damage. Now she sat in silence, the sound of the scrapping of the blade ringing in her ears, making her unaware of her surroundings. She was unusually calm and felt as if where she was there was no need to look over her shoulder

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    @whxsper (Go ahead.) @chosen_one

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