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  1. Posted by omegaking ,

    @__senketz__ thank you

  2. Posted by __red__ ,

    It's not about how it's mostly about the type but fine

  3. Posted by omegaking ,

    @__senketz__ ok well I have had anyone do that in my other role plays because people I role play with make descriptive Oc so can you stop complaining about how people make their ocs)

  4. Posted by __red__ ,

    To you no but there are serious rpers on this app who are getting annoyed by it. And it does get annoying after seeing this sorta thing over and over again

  5. Posted by omegaking ,

    @__senketz__ I don’t care you may care but it’s a Roleplay dude it’s never that serious)

  6. Posted by __red__ ,

    I made a post about this same subject a few months back, and the main argument was thy exact same thing and it still doesn't change the fact that thi is basically encouraging the use of bad ocs

  7. Posted by omegaking ,

    @__senketz__ ok still it doesn’t matter how good their Ocs is I just want to entertain people and make them happy)

  8. Posted by __red__ ,

    Some of the worst ocs I've seen are next gen characters. Not all I've seen some good ones but still

  9. Posted by __red__ ,

    Saying its there kids is just a catalyst for rpers to make bad ocs

  10. Posted by __red__ ,

    Yes but that's my problem

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