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    (won't be on until later

  2. Posted by stormmaasaka_26 ,

    (sorry for not being on had work and the app signed me out for whatever reason

  3. Posted by stormmaasaka_26 ,


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    Loli cookie)

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    Oh Snapple. Let’s rp peeps.))

  6. Posted by runa_masaka ,

    Thanks for joining @_jellal ))

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    Shape shifter)

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    name:neon age:18 gender:male persoality: nice,kind,caring,sweet,loving Species: mixture of all species Weakness: losing powers:holy-fire combat,crystallkinetic polearm construction,crystal manipulation Extra: he can shapeshift into any species he wants

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    Sorry me and @storm_masaaka won’t be on for a bit. We still have school so yeah ))

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