14 Messages  |  1 PEOPLERp with me before I go eat a whole tub of tide pods out of boredom

  1. Posted by Park_jimin ,

    They always are.

  2. Posted by Pills ,

    @jiminie wow this was a bust lmfao

  3. Posted by Park_jimin ,

    I hardly ever rp with straight stuff or oc’s 😂 but I’m definitely not opposed to it

  4. Posted by melody ,

    Idk bro

  5. Posted by melody ,

    I usually play Kim Jisoo but I have an oc too

  6. Posted by melody ,

    I mean- I would be willing to rp but I literally suck at playing a male and gay ships ??? Im weird sorry

  7. Posted by Park_jimin ,

    @hayesowenpare kpop is a music genre

  8. Posted by Leone ,

    @jiminie np

  9. Posted by Park_jimin ,

    @chanyeollie hello hello

  10. Posted by Park_jimin ,

    @leone I didn’t ask you but okay thanks for your opinion I guess? 😂

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