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    @littleace it's okay)

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    @aiden_maverick accepted sorry I didn’t get to you sooner))

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  4. Posted by aiden_maverick ,

    Name: Kyle Rayner Age:17 Clique:chior Gender: male Sexuality: bisexual Facial structure: beautiful Body structure: beautiful Favorite song: location Likes: singing hanging out with friends and short girls Dislikes:, bullying his dad and the army Life issues: his father joined the army just to get away from his son once he told him he was bisexual and was dating a boy at the time Pets: a wolf and husky mix but it's more wolf(name is Shadow)

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    I would like to join)(

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    Accepted @numeral

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    》Roman Daniels《 ¤ No permanent nicknames ¤ Male ¤ 18 ¤Queer 》Appearance《 ¤ 5'5 ¤ Eastern Asian decent ¤ dark brown eyes ¤ messy hair usually 》persobality《 ¤ fast food fiend ¤ flimsy morals ¤ iffy priorities ¤ a good friend ¤ will fight over food ¤ probably sleeps too much ¤ coffee addict ¤ just wants friend to have fun w

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    @numeral bio and pic

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    mind if I join??

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    Accepted @honeybones ))

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