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  1. Posted by Nerdy_nancy ,

    Walks down the hall and hears a voice singing

  2. Posted by xelliose ,

    Finn would start practicing his song and starts singing.

  3. Posted by sasuke_kun ,

    @lonely_sasuke You're not trying to kill me are you?

  4. Posted by queen_unicorn ,

    Crystal the teleports to her class room then took out a book reading it as her math teacher comes in her homeroom class”ahh shit”she say to her self then walks to her math teacher and the jocks too

  5. Posted by autumnspring ,

    @kitryo_ * she then gives him the sweetheart look again and she starts to lick his face"

  6. Posted by sasuke_kun ,


  7. Posted by mranimeguy67 ,

    *puts a hood over my head*

  8. Posted by Nerdy_nancy ,

    "what were you thinking, Olive?" Olive thought to herself

  9. Posted by thegatekeeper ,

    @autumnspring Getting on his knees he starts to look at her then goes for the strike jumping on her

  10. Posted by Nerdy_nancy ,

    @xelliose "bye. Nice to meet you too"

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