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  1. Posted by army101troll ,

    Is it bad I know who he got that from...

  2. Posted by ene ,

    Wait, I can make its sound more retarded.

  3. Posted by subjugate ,

    @ene Blackout? Pity.

  4. Posted by ene ,

    I can make that better to read.

  5. Posted by the_living_meme ,

    Ready, set, go!

  6. Posted by the_living_meme ,

    He awoked from his sleep and He stretched out his handsome and attractive maw and He went to the river and got himself a fish. Soon he noticed another very super extremely sexy and beautiful attractive animal fantasy wolf with powers. " Hello miss, My name is Flame, I am an fire guardian wolf and the protector of the forest and the chosen one, are you in your heat cycle and are you looking for a mate, if so do you want to be my mate and stay with me in my very super extremely huge cave forever and have way too many pups of our own together, How does it feel to be in your heat cycle?" Flame asked The other very super extremely beautiful and sexy and attractive fantasy wolf with powers.

  7. Posted by army101troll ,

    I'm watching Scooby Doo 2 right now

  8. Posted by ene ,

    The attack helicopter.

  9. Posted by army101troll ,

    Clearly Bubble Butt

  10. Posted by the_living_meme ,

    Try to correct the thirsty 12 year old's writing. Whoever can make it seem decipherable wins.

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