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  1. Posted by tidbitunicorn_16 ,

    @marrwrote @humantorch I like to build the bond because romance is a bind that is built as well and romance doesn't mean just instantly fall in love of ship and that's it no it's a bond that's built and there's parts that are supposed to get the heart going. People need to feel the romance not just instantly expect it.

  2. Posted by tidbitunicorn_16 ,

    @marrwrote sorry guys I'm on fortnite please dm if that's okay. @humantorch

  3. Posted by LegendaryRanger ,

    ((Thats the worse.))

  4. Posted by marrwrote ,

    @humantorch, my biggest issue with some roleplays is people immediately jumping into a relationship were their so no bond and the partners know nothing of one another

  5. Posted by LegendaryRanger ,

    ((Again, what my good friend @Marrwrote said. Chemistry must be formed first, without Chem' you just have a flat ship.))

  6. Posted by marrwrote ,

    Wow! Congrats! And I'm happy you don't just jump into romance, people need to understand a bond has to be created first

  7. Posted by LegendaryRanger ,

    ((Ditto^ Would you like to create a Marvel/DC OC. I'm also open to Star Trek/Wars and Power Rangers.))

  8. Posted by tidbitunicorn_16 ,

    In twelve weeks rn.

  9. Posted by tidbitunicorn_16 ,

    Thank you so much!!! 🤗😄

  10. Posted by marrwrote ,

    First off congrats on the baby, and I have respect for your bio 🙏

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