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  1. Posted by chaotiic ,

    @chibitenshi did you already make it? ))

  2. Posted by chibitenshi ,

    If anyone wants to be added to the new one just dm and I'll hold your spot. @pinhead @boburnham @crack @leaf @chaotiic !!@@

  3. Posted by charlatan ,

    I hate geeking, it totally removed this from my active RPs or I accidentally deleted it. //

  4. Posted by disparu ,

    @chibitenshi I'm on, if you do id like the guitarist again||

  5. Posted by chibitenshi ,


  6. Posted by chibitenshi ,

    Any one one?? I might repost this. @crack @leaf @boburnham @pinhead @chaotiic

  7. Posted by crack ,

    Rip in pocket pussies //

  8. Posted by adios ,


  9. Posted by crack ,

    Everyone else is dead, tho //

  10. Posted by adios ,

    I live//

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