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  1. Posted by kinshae4501 ,

    Name: Luke Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnicity: irish/Norwegian Viking Language: English Height: 5'10 Weight: 175lbs Build: Muscular Natural Hair Color: Brown Tattoos: Aries on right shoulde Fears: losing the people closest to me

  2. Posted by fallenmoon ,

    @rozegold lel

  3. Posted by rozegold ,

    @fallenmoon lol

  4. Posted by fallenmoon ,

    @rozegold sure shopping T-T

  5. Posted by rozegold ,

    @fallenmoon lets switch

  6. Posted by fallenmoon ,

    @rozegold oh good luck shopping I'm bored at home with nothing to do

  7. Posted by rozegold ,


  8. Posted by rozegold ,

    @fallenmoon out shopping

  9. Posted by fallenmoon ,

    @rozegold yeah what about yiu

  10. Posted by rozegold ,

    @fallenmoon oooo

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