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    And is a werewolf

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    Name:apple Age:16 Height:4ft Eye color: left purple right red Hair: cherry blossom pink down back Personality:angry,annoyed all the time,doesn't like hug or any contact, Ect:her mom is Japanese And her father is Spanish she has a little brother who is in the hospital for heart reasons and has a dog named puppy Hates:bullies Backstory:used to be in prison

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    Name: Ariadne Quarteiz Nickname: Aria, Ari , Mouse Age: Usually 16 (but the age can vary) Height: 5ft Weight: 55kg Eye colour: Her eyes change colour all the time but are mostly green. Hair: Has long natural cherry red hair to her waist it is wavy and usually in a pony tail. Facial Features: She has freckles and a beauty mark on her left cheek next to near her eye. Common Outfit: She usually wears dark blue skinny jeans, a while singlet with a large grey sweater over it. Personality: She is quite bubbly and happy, always forgiving and helping everyone around her. She puts others in front of herself. She is very self conscious and insecure. Extras: Her father is French while her mother is English. She can speak many languages. Her favourite colour is blue and she loves the water. She's a good artist and enjoys drawing and creative writing Fears: The dark Backstory: Unknown Family: Big Brother (Levi)

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    Sorry thespian is possibly taken as well.

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    The empty ones are the open roles. Open to adding more if you dont see somethig you want. Normies are open as well.

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