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  1. Posted by stabitha .,

    Iโ€™m never this moody over being woken up lmao

  2. Posted by stabitha .,

    Like holy shit Iโ€™m actually fuming that I was woken up by a fuck ton of notifications

  3. Posted by stabitha .,

    I want to kill the universe for waking me up

  4. Posted by ayalatyler ,

    The universe will guide you to happiness eventually youโ€™ll see

  5. Posted by stabitha .,

    Not really

  6. Posted by ayalatyler ,

    Youโ€™re too important to be sad

  7. Posted by stabitha .,

    Me irl

  8. Posted by ayalatyler ,

    Iโ€™m sorry

  9. Posted by ayalatyler ,


  10. Posted by stabitha .,

    @ayalatyler more so the gun. I just want the shotgun to my head

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