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  1. Posted by ashaway ,


  2. Posted by stabitha .,

    You know what’s really annoying ? When a mosquito bites the bottom of your foot.

  3. Posted by PITBK 😼,


  4. Posted by theemopanda N,

    “I thought it was Lana del Ray” hahaha

  5. Posted by theemopanda N,

    Corey is a fool

  6. Posted by PITBK 😼,

    "Have you ever stabbed a man"

  7. Posted by stabitha .,

    Corey can come into this house he can sleep with whoever he wants I do not judgeS

  8. Posted by PITBK 😼,

    Seen it on facebook

  9. Posted by PITBK 😼,

    I don't even know if it's true or not

  10. Posted by theemopanda N,

    Yeah it’s butthole is probably huge

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