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  1. Posted by sprout ,

    For future people who find this group and want access to the discord, it is now in the Aa 😊

  2. Posted by titandog9 ,

    Hey, it's still a great place. Not everyone has to remember why for it to be true.))

  3. Posted by shadowsdarkness ,

    ((Thanks, sir. I could see it fading. Sad to watch this place slowly break apart.))

  4. Posted by titandog9 ,

    I had to resort to that for a little while, but over time it just slipped away. Best of luck to you though.))

  5. Posted by shadowsdarkness ,

    ((I love to write but nobody wants to roleplay anymore. I just internalize and try to repeatedly write things daily))

  6. Posted by titandog9 ,

    I used to do the same. But, lack of motivation has killed my desire to write almost anything. Might get back into it one day, though.))

  7. Posted by shadowsdarkness ,

    ((I understand that completely. Roleplay was my stress relief but sadly, nobody can lmao. So I just lurk.))

  8. Posted by titandog9 ,

    Eh. I'm not as active as I once was. I've been trying to focus on my woman, work, and school.))

  9. Posted by shadowsdarkness ,

    ((You kinda are honestly. I’m just fading.))

  10. Posted by titandog9 ,

    I am?))

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