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    Just pretend like the scarf is there btw// lol @tidus_godofwar @rune_revived @chukkelz @tomo_fallen

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    after a very very long time The Familiar sound of heavy boots along with the jingling of Spurs are reintroduced in the tavern as Revenant enters wearing futuristic combat armor with a fair amount of modifications wrapped around his waist is a large detailed red scarf the same one he used to hide his deformed face now is being used as a kind of "reminder" a long heated chains is wrapped around his chest his "head" which is now a skull engulfed in fire is encased in a glass like Palmer helmet on his back he has a rifle holster which holds a huge battle rifle @tidus_godofwar @rune_revived @chukkelz @tomo_fallen

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    *flings around drunkenly*hello there *burps and laughs*

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    @rune_revived bies

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    *frails around drunkenly*boobies

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    Boo bitches)

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    @tidus_godofwar As the last drop of the vile liquid evaporated, the wretched maggots began to feast on each other. The cries of children echoed as they cannibalized each other. Growing larger from each one consumed, the cries would finally be at an end when a single football sized maggot sat before the man. It's head was that of a newborn human infant's, aside from it's face being upside down. It's eyes remained firmly shut as it's mouth continued to flap. It would coo gently as it swallowed the last of it's kin, blowing a stream of bubbles from the black blood which leaked from the corners of it's mouth. The blood would continue to trail down it's upside down face until it dripped into it's eyes. At the touch of the vile fluid, it's eyelids sprung open. It's eyes were like that of a cat's, and they instantly focused on the man as it's mouth seemed to try to form words. It's pudgy maggot body danced like a child in need of a restroom, as it let out a blend of gurgles and grunts, causing more of the black blood to pour down it's face.

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    (( Chukkelz, good to see you again. Now back to my silence.))

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    @chukkelz I see your undead like me *puts my eyes back in*I don't know where the owner is talk to her if you want a job

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