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    Stoic stands in awe of the oddly scary yet beautiful figure. Then sets down his weapons. "A mighty fine place you have here, my lady" stoic bellows with a slight bow.

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    My left eyebrow raised slowly, my pale skin much like a porcelain doll as I speak smoothly from behind the bar. “I’m afraid your senses are mighty off from the ale you drink. I’m not outside. I’m the owner of this place. My brown curls slowly swayed around my curvy figure, my thick lips pursed in the silence as my smooth voice filled the air briefly. @thebullviking

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    Stoic heard the faint sound of chains and silenced his new friend. "We have comoany " he whispered as he grabbed his axe and sheild. Preparing to go outside for a look. @estus_prime @shadowsdarkness

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    The silence seemed as thick as the fog outside the tavern as the black of my eyes seemed to shine. In the dark, they looked much like the eye sockets of a simple skull. My suit seemed tight around my figure, softly and smoothly seeming to flow and move over my skin like an organism. I crossed my left leg over my right slowly, the chains of my knee high boots clinking softly behind the bar.

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    Chugging some of his mead, Rhino thought about what Stioc said. “It would be an interesting adventure, I’ll tell you that. But my duties as a Tenno come first.” He took another swing. “But I’ll see if Lotus call let me squeeze in a extended term mission into my schedule.”

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    Stoic took a long and heavy gulp of mead before setting it down. "You know you should come to my village some time. A warrior like you would be most welcomed as my guest. "

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    Rhino joined him, raising his own flagon. “Hahahaha, aye, for they would tell quite the tale.”

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    Stoic laughed. "Aye. If only these walls could speak." He held up hi flagon "to the walls, may the never be able to tell what happens. "

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    “Aye, and I wouldn’t like to see this ol’ place in ruins just yet.” Rhino smiled under his helmet, siting on the seat opposite of Stoic. “But this wouldn’t be my first time ‘accidentally’ wrecking the place.”

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    Stoics grin grew wide as he laughed "ha by odins beard i new i liked you" he happily sat poured and might flagon for his new friend. "And a fight between us would surely be the end of this tavern"

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