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  1. Posted by shadowsdarkness ,

    ((I hope you guys know that the one I had made and azaleaa sent invites out for initially is not the one we are using now. She made a new, much better one so enjoy, those who have an invite))

  2. Posted by sprout ,

    @shadowsdarkness ❤️~ ]]

  3. Posted by shadowsdarkness ,

    ((Thanks Azalea~))

  4. Posted by shadowsdarkness ,

    ((OOF, it’s sent!))

  5. Posted by shadowsdarkness ,

    ((Discord is made! Sending out a link))

  6. Posted by sprout ,

    If* ]]

  7. Posted by sprout ,

    Hey so Shadows made the discord group, of you want the link to join just dm me and I'll hand it out to you! She's busy making adjustments here and there. ]] @trancer @proxy @intrepid @tomo_fallen and anyone else who would like it

  8. Posted by shadowsdarkness ,

    ((Sorry for the delay everyone. I am making it tonight since I’ve had family from another country in for the past 7 days. ))

  9. Posted by sprout ,

    @shadowsdarkness are you making a discord for the group? ]]

  10. Posted by pumkinspice ,


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