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    ((Addition)) "And how the hell do I tear up the house? The door was just a.... One time thing."

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    Everest laid on the ground, still looking at Dorian. He grabbed his jaw, and still managed to block out Ed's power. "Ok... I miss home in New York. That's why." Truthfully, Everest liked being alone. While in New York, Everest didn't have a home; he lived with friends or was just homeless. "I'm just not good enough to channel it though anything but drugs." @bloodfeather @highwaystar ))

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    Dorian listened to Everest carefully. Her blood was already past the boiling point when he said the manor wasn't home. She laughed under her breath and scratched her nose. She shot a glance at Eddie as she decked Everest in his jaw. "You're a fucking idiot. Channeling your magic through drugs.." she hit him again. "Tearing up my house." Again. "Now! Now you tell me you want to run away!" She started to yell. @mist @highwaystar

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    @bloodfeather ))

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    @bloodfeather Awesome.))

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    @mist I can yes. I will reply in a moment.)

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    @skellymouse Yeah well you know me, causing trouble and disappearing randomly. Always love you tho. Gonna delete my sidechat now ))@bloodfeather

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    @bakugou -kisses cheek- never hate, mildly annoyed at times lol//

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    @bloodfeather You can see my reply, correct?))

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    @bloodfeather Hey!))

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