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  1. Posted by xchillingx ,

    @majestic he moans feeling her biting harder on his collarbone

  2. Posted by majestic ,


  3. Posted by majestic ,

    She moans into the kiss​ as he squeezed her ass making her bite down on his collarbone harder*

  4. Posted by xchillingx ,

    *he leans back in kissing her roughly and passionately sliding his hands in her pants squeezing her ass deepening kiss*

  5. Posted by majestic ,

    Yes...I'm fine *she smiles and leans in again*

  6. Posted by xchillingx ,

    *he blushes back* you..ok

  7. Posted by majestic ,

    *she smiles pulling away quickly blushing* ,damn......*her breathing was uneven as she stares at him biting her lip*

  8. Posted by xchillingx ,

    Mmm *he slides his other hand under her shirt and slides them to het waist*

  9. Posted by majestic ,

    *she smiles at him feeling his hand as she slowly lowered her hands down his neckto his chest as they kissed. Her lips traveling down to his collarbone sucking on it softly.

  10. Posted by xchillingx ,

    *he slides one hand to the front of her resting it on her stomach still kissing her*

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