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    @toronto @ep1cp1xy at the last possible moment gabby grabbed hades and threw her to the floor, getting her out of the way of the rapiers as she was impaled and pierced by them all, she gasped in pain and her eyes widened, then her body began to glow with blinding light before a concussive blast shook the room, Hades could feel a timgling sensation that bit into her very being, sev on the other hand felt something akin to being set ablaze by the sun itself

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    @norn (Yes, you too.)

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    @lightningalchemist Sleep well.))

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    @norn (Sure.)

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    @lightningalchemist I need to sleep. We can resume tomorrow.))

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    @lightningalchemist Ash would beam her eyes directly up to her as her glow would fade, then burn as bright as the sun in unexpected patterns. She was trying her best, but she was failing. Having seen the nurses she would try to relax as they come over, getting to work.

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    @norn [+Gintoki, Kintoki, and Emilia+] The top nurses would be called down to the courtyard while Emilia was resting and she was holding onto Ash in a hug... She wouldn't even let go. "Ash...Don't leave me yet. Don't you die on me..." Kintoki and Gintoki were watching Emilia holding and loving on Ash.

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    May I join?)

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    @lightningalchemist Bright orange would shiver through her veins like water pumping through a compressed mill, sending life throughout her body. Having entered a static shock, she had lost too much blood to keep stable- although she was fighting to keep herself alive still, and stabilized.

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    @lightningalchemist Her skin was cold to the touch, most of it metal. A soft red flame would emerge into her eyes as she would lightly motion Emilia to step back, shivering as she could feel death's cold touch. One she was familiar with, but she wouldn't get acquainted with that man yet. A shimmering flame would emerge in her hand as she balled it into a fist, fiery light pulsing through her flames as the lights on her armor would glow bright enough to read her heartbeat completely , almost too fast. Ash had resuscitated herself, the nanites closing a good amount of the wounds she had.

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