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    Note: Airis things Beacon was destroyed, she doesn't know that it wasn't))

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    @psyched_christmas Airis shook her head, "We were supposed to be an academy for training huntsmen and huntresses! If anyone should have been prepared it should have been us." She glanced down at her whip and then back up as she continued walking. "And now Beacon doesn't even exist anymore after the bomb."

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    @defenderofspades Terrance sighed "probably....or maybe it isnt?" He looked around" maybe they were ready for the assault. Unlike us" he shrugged

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    @psyched_christmas She shrugged. "Wanted to get to Vale, said he had a meeting with an important woman." She shook her head, "Place is probably overrunning with the Black Claw by now."

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    @defenderofspades Terrance groaned and slouched over " aw man i missed the fun..." he looked back and said" so uh... whats his problem?" He motioned his hand back

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    @psyched_christmas Airis turned and saw Terrance and smiled at him. "Nothing much, however I did use my semblance to kill a bunch of grimm and that was cool!" She thought back to Gormain. "And the asshole that broke my tree was there too."

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    @defenderofspades Terrance had caught up and panted, seeing her walk off, glancing at the guy and growled" alright going back!" He followed her, his armour follwed, terrance shoved his hands in his pocket and leaned over to her " you okay? What did i miss?"

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    @cusp_of_magic not a lot XD Airis flipped off Gormain ))

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    I swear early college is going to be the death of me😑))

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