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    Name: Flare Merigold Age: 17 Male Human Appearance: Flare has blond and orange hair, spiked in the front and red eyes. He wears a white t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, a gold armlet with a flame pattern around it, and a pair of black cargo pants with orange trims Personality: Despite his appearance, Flare is quite smart. He's flashy, but also strategic, thinking out everything before acting. He has a great sense of humor and usually has a small group of close friends Weapon: The Flame Juggler- Flare carries a set of two metal batons, both of which have have fire dust outputs, causing them to burn when in use. The handles of the batons slide along the shaft, changing how he can grip and swing them. He combines melee attacks with throwing and catching them to create a unique fighting style Semblance: Kelvinsight- When using his semblance, Flare's irises changes from their usual red to a mix of blues and reds. However what he sees is far more interesting. His semblance allows him to use thermal vision similar which allows him to track threats and allies as well as monitor environmental conditions. Vermillion Aura Color Connection: Flares are burning light sources, similar to torches which give off a red flame. Merigold is a shade of orange --------------------------------------- Name: Blaze Merigold Age: 17 Male Human Appearance: Blaze has blond and orange hair, swept back and sticking up in the back and red eyes. He wears a charcoal grey leather jacket which has lines of fire dust sewn into it, creating intricate glowing designs, and orange cargo pants with black trims. Personality: Blaze is a wild child, he acts without thinking, loves attention, and loves a fight even more. He tends to attract a crowd, though has difficulty with one on one interactions. Weapon: The Firebreather- Blaze wears a metallic apparatus around his neck, creeping up over his jaw and full of fire and wind dust, it's activated with a sensor built into his gloves, and then operated by breath. Adjusting the output levels can change the flame, making a large cone of flames, or a focused stream of flames Semblance: Et Draco- Blaze's semblance is relatively unique, perfectly complimenting his free-burning spirit. Blaze has the ability to merge with a flame, travel through it at high speeds, and emerge at the other side unscathed, save for the few embers he picks up along the way. Vermillion Aura Color Connection: Blaze is a word for a large fire. Merigold is a shade of orange

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    Fullname: Charoite Teel Nickname: Mr. Teel, Mrs. Teel, Miss, Lady, Madame, ‘wait. You're a dude?’, Charoite, Bro{Sister} Alias: Teel Noir Gender: Male. I swear he is. He just looks feminine. DOB: December 20 Age: 17 Hair Hue: Violet Eye Hue: Moss Lavender Height: 5'0 Weight: 90 lbs Race: Dragonfly Faunus Occupation: Student, Cafe Worker {Usually a waiter, sometimes a substitute chef} Father: None Mother: Freya Teel (Adopted Mother) Siblings: Lapis Teel (Biological Twin sister) Sexuality: Demi but leans toward guys Status: Single, Doesn't understand how to Mingle so he's just there Semblance: “Dancing On Air” From his lightweight and fragile like form this helps his team greatly. His agility is already grand but with this ability he's able to share his agility with his team mates as long they're in a reasonable distance near him. This semblance ends after he gets hurt, tired or they get too far from him, whichever comes first. So protecting him during battle with this semblance in action could be really helpful as long as he isn't tired from anything else or as long as you don't get too far away. Battle Style: His fighting style is graceful, accurate and flexible. He looks like he's dancing when he's fight and for dodging any attacks his body his body shall blend in ways that if others tired they may crack or dislocate something. Weapon: “Morning Lavender” A weapon that holds four types of transformations. Staff - Primarily his melee weapon mode but despite its main use for close-combat, each end have a gun. {They shoot out dust filled round} “Projection” It's just a little something to help speak with other members if they are separated. Acts like a Scroll. “Links” Allows the staff flexibility and locks up by the press of a button. Had a light weight build Parasol - Shield Mode. He usually carries it out in this form. Mini Parasol - More accuracy with the little dust balls and still functions as a shield Fan - His main offensive mode. Dual Pistol - In this mode he's able to create various combination with the dust - filled rounds. Extra Info: Is the adopted son of Freya Teel, who adopted him after finding out she's sterile. Is a momma's boy and proud Has a twin sister, she stayed back to help their mother with the cafe Is a Dragonfly Faunus, don't touch his wings. They're his weak spot. Has a history of getting ill easily but has been given medicine by his mother to treat it. Will get a usual box from his mother with his medical supplies and other stuff. Even treats for his friends, if he gets any He looks fragile, cause he is, but is a skilled fighter A quiet boy with a kind face He's a guy. He is! He may look like a chick, sound a but like a chick, dress somewhat like a chick. BUT HE'S A DUDE. HE HAS THAT PART DOWN THERE! He has been underestimated for his appearance but kicks ass better that way. Don't pick him up. Don't surprise hug him. You'll scare the poor boy. He doesn't eat much, well yeah. He eats fruit a lot but not full meals. Drinks only water.

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