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    Margo raised a hand in defence at Donnie comment, "Hey! Cigarettes weed and alcohol are not stupid shit." Her tone fell dead serious as she spoke before chuckling softly. Margo hadnt always been the best kid, after her dad passed she picked up all those things - It was her way with copig with all the stress, it wasn't good for her but it was damn fun. "What if we broke up? As much as I want to stop being your guys friend, itd be weird around school." The thought of a band was fun, it was exciting and a new adventure but they always say never go into business with your friends. The small text alert from her phone brought her back from thought, swiping onto her phone to see a message from Julia - most likely wondering where she was. Margo smirked as her guess was correct, 'Smoking crack with my math teacher.' Send. 'Music room with James and your boyfriend.' Send. Margo loved to teased Julia and Donnie about whatever they had, she didn't know what it was and she wasn't sure they knew either but it was fun to picture to two together - plus it got them both flustered which was always her goal. "Oh Donnie and dont ever compare your self to Geddy Lee. You're geddy Lee if he was dumb, deaf and blind." She smirked in retaliation to his American idol comment, she never went down with out the last word - stubborn as a bull. @boburnham @crack @pinhead

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    Julia finally made it to her classroom. Class was just starting as she took her seat. She looked around at the empty desk in the room, noticing the absence of her friends. They were always a bit flighty, tending to skip out to practice whatever they did. She opened her Snapchat and messaged Margo, "where the hell are you?!". Julia wouldn't dare miss class, not because she was a goody two shoes, but because she was a perfectionist. She was just glad she didn't work with any of them, they were a little unreliable in her mind. They were friends for the longest time, so she was normally there for them if she was needed. She just didn't go out of her way often, unless she had something to gain too. As soon as she graduated she would work for her father's company if Yale didn't accept her. Julia opened her binder and pulled out today's notes, which she had already printed out from the teachers website. She figured where ever Margo was, the others would follow. The wealthy teenage kept checking for a response, being a bit of a micromanager. // @crack @chibitenshi @pinhead //

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    So sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth//

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    @chibitenshi @pinhead // "Butcher? Bullshit! You know that I can play AND sing like Geddy Lee." he responded to Margos with smirk on his face. "And don't bring so much shame on Cage the Elephant. You sound like a scared American Idol audition." he teased, chuckling and beginning to play along with the smooth beat Margos she was playing. It was a quiet and peaceful moment and everyone knows a bass can play the best jazz so that's what Donnie did; best some smooth jazz as they talked. "Yeah. We need a drummer but we also need a manager. None of us know how to handle money without burning it on stupid shit." he responded, taking a seat on the floor and continuing to play. "Maybe if we get those two, we could start a band but what're the chances of us finding them? Like, a million to one?" he asked, looking at the two of them.

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    [Sorry it's so short]

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    Margo softly kicked at Donnies foot as he interupted a teasing smirk on her lips as she glared up at him, "No one wants to hear you butcher a rush song dickwad." She chuckled as she leaned her head back against the wall. Her brows raised in surprised at James proposal, they all sounded damn good together and shed be a liar if she said she hadn't thought of it at least once, doing what she loved, with her best mates - itd be a dream. She sat at the feet of the two practically as she softly strummed her guitar, "Itd be cool, but we don't have a drummer man. We do sound pretty rad though." Margo sighed out as she tapped her hand against the guitar to make a make shift beat, things felt peaceful at the moment.

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    As they all end the song, James let's out a small breath before saying "we would make an amazing band." He was just kidding right? They needed to get through highschool before even thinking about stuff like that. Those three sounded amazing together and James can still feel the goosebumps on his arms. He puts his guitar down and stretched out slightly "But seriously guys that was amazing, I can't believe we all haven't played together Dispite Donnie getting off track with his Bass" he said giving his a glare before laughing.@crack @chibitenshi

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    @chibitenshi @pinhead // Donnie walked back over to his area with his bass guitar hung over his neck by his fly, fresh guitar strap. He looked at Margos and James with a weird face of disgust. "The fuck are you guys playing? Absolute fucking garbage..." He played the first two notes, his arm doing a dramatic windmill motion after strumming. He let the note ring out and nodded his head with a smile on his face. "You guys should learn a thing or two!" he said, playing the next three notes. After the pattern of notes, Donnie began to play the intro. riff, bobbing his head to the beat playing in his head. He began to hop up and down and really get into the song, even sticking out his tongue as he played. The song slowly came to a close and his playing went silent. Donnie closed his eyes and took in a breath. "And the meek shall inherit the earth..."

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    Margo hadnt sang around people in so long, she lived alone now so everything was quiet unless she was serenading her self, so hearing her voicr mix with such a calming one was nice for once. James was an amazing singer, she woukd never compliment him to his face but he was amazing at guitar and had an amazing voice, their voices together always sounded amazing. "You could drive, all night, looking for the answers in the pouring rain." She sung out a bit louder this time as she slowlt began to strum to the song, swaying back at forth as glanced up at him for a moment with a warm smile befote leaning against the wall and looking up at the high cieling as the notes fell flawlessly from her mouth. Margo was a humble person but she knew her voicr was beautiful, sweet like sugar and smooth like butter. She glanced up at Donnie who held his bass confidently, she always adored his bass playing and if she was being honest they were a rather gifted group of individuals that always melded their talents together like a sauce, a damn good sauce it was. @crack @pinhead [Sorry its short ]

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    James tried not to laugh at the girls sudden out burst, placing his hand over the strings so they went silent. "Are you don't with your speech your majesty?" He said sarcastically before watching her grab the acoustic guitar. James turned off the distortion of his guitar and began playing the chords to the song he noticed Margo was singing lowly. He sang some of the words, their voices fitting almost perfectly together as he kept in tune with her. Encouraging her to sing more loudly, he already knew she had a beautiful rough voice. Part of one of the reasons he liked her, but would never admit to it. He continued to tap his foot to the beat of the song, giving his voice as the melody to her singing.

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