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    @satin Claire waved back. Claire was tired and in pain. Claire put her head back on her bag and closed her blood shot eyea

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    @emperorツ @babyygirlツ @haze_ツ @itsjorge “I was just teasing, man. Of course I don’t do Xanax. That shit can kill people.” Ivy wasn’t the greatest social conserversationist. She was awkward and impulsive, “Hi Claire and Jorge.” Hope waved to the couple when they stepped into the RV. “Where are we going to first?” She turned to look at Xavier since he was the first one in the RV, but anyone could answer the question.

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    @itsjorge She walked in and sat at the first seat she saw. She put her head on her bag.

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    Respond to what y’all doing y’all thing)

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    @emperorツ Respond bro)

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    Guys I’m here I’m sorryg

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    @emperorツ @cherry_ツ @babyygirlツ @itsjorge

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    @satin kk

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    i’m waiting for others to join in//

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