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  1. Posted by chara_illkillyou ,


  2. Posted by Queen_of_wolves ♤,

    I have a team of Rayquazas

  3. Posted by xjammyx ,


  4. Posted by honrutamakashi_86 ,

    I gotcha covered Nora

  5. Posted by nora_valkyrie R,

    Hey let me know if bots come in here by pm

  6. Posted by honrutamakashi_86 ,

    Da hell?

  7. Posted by thysaint ,

    So ditto

  8. Posted by thysaint ,

    I'm,gonna go think about what I've done and why I played it in the first place

  9. Posted by thysaint ,

    I don't like pokemon go

  10. Posted by shadow_gaming72 ,

    @boostio ass hole

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