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  1. Posted by ashyhasissues ,


  2. Posted by tempestg1_5 ,

    Oh wow

  3. Posted by BreeTheAnimatronic ,

    @introvertferreal goes down he’ll of a lot faster with Plus on

  4. Posted by introvertferreal ,

    Your right about the battery while playing the game mine goes down

  5. Posted by BreeTheAnimatronic ,

    @storm5 I hardly use it. It’s cool and all, but Bluetooth drains your battery. Is good for when your out and drop an insence and just need XP but our battery goes down fast

  6. Posted by tempestg1_5 ,


  7. Posted by BreeTheAnimatronic ,

    I have pokémon go plus. XD kinda was a big waist.

  8. Posted by tempestg1_5 ,

    I sometimes play daily and sonetimes not

  9. Posted by introvertferreal ,

    I am the same i only play when there's opportunity to catch something good

  10. Posted by BreeTheAnimatronic ,

    A little bit over a year, but I hardly play daily

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