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  1. Posted by wolfie208 ,

    @urban_medic alright dm me then

  2. Posted by Void_the_sentinel ,

    @wolfie208 me

  3. Posted by wolfie208 ,

    Anyone wanna rp

  4. Posted by phoenix37 ,

    @sudrian_king dm

  5. Posted by kikboi97 ,

    Im the top in the rp btw

  6. Posted by kikboi97 ,

    Male. Sorry lol

  7. Posted by phoenix37 ,

    @sudrian_king What gender you'll play as

  8. Posted by kikboi97 ,

    Im a naughty Riolu in need of a big brother Lucario or a trainer (male or female) to help me.

  9. Posted by Void_the_sentinel ,

    @miiathelamia irl I came here when it died

  10. Posted by miiathelamia ,

    @darkrai_the_nightmare_king So, what goes on here?

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