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  1. Posted by mryee ,

    I might

  2. Posted by mryee ,

    It's okie

  3. Posted by slavekun ,

    @Velcastor yeah but it's ok now, sorry for the commotion 😅

  4. Posted by mryee ,

    Sun and moon?

  5. Posted by slavekun ,

    Hey hey if anyone has if anyone could trade shieldion or archen or eithers evolution I would greatly appreciate that, willing to trade most Pokemon I have

  6. Posted by shadowfalconer ,

    I have one for that reason lol

  7. Posted by _Wesley_ ,

    Dang. It ok I'm trying to find one for my moon team

  8. Posted by shadowfalconer ,

    I don't sorry man @trainerwesley56

  9. Posted by _Wesley_ ,

    Does anyone have a Gible or any of its evolution I can use to make an egg with? But must be with a normal pokeball

  10. Posted by shadowfalconer ,


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