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  1. Posted by lavi_Rothson ,

    Chill Mewtwo looking to have a good time~ DM me~

  2. Posted by beyblane ,

    Name:dickachu Type:type of Pokémon that likes that pikapussy Main move:play with that pussy like peekaboo

  3. Posted by babygirl143 ,

    I m up for it @shea1411

  4. Posted by shea1411 ,

    Anyone wanna do an ash/misty or dawn rp?

  5. Posted by funtimelolbit ,

    May I be two pokemon?))

  6. Posted by gaugekil ,

    @elimpix塩 that's great to hear

  7. Posted by Jace사랑 ,

    @gaugekil Good

  8. Posted by gaugekil ,

    @elimpix塩 how's this rp going for you?

  9. Posted by Jace사랑 ,

    @gaugekil Hi

  10. Posted by gaugekil ,


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