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  1. Posted by chespin_the_swordsman ,

    I'm a strange child with the abilities of a Chespin

  2. Posted by jay_the_flareon ,

    Hey, Nice To Meet You All! I'm An Flareon. ^^ *Smiles*

  3. Posted by DeanWinchester_Highwaytohell ,

    Feraligator here)

  4. Posted by calvin7000_70 ,

    *I wander the woods as a trainer searching for a gardevoir*

  5. Posted by LatiasxLatiosTrainerWesley ,

    @foxythatpirate Hey

  6. Posted by FoxyThatPirate ,

    Oh hi vapor

  7. Posted by FoxyThatPirate ,

    Can I join

  8. Posted by LatiasxLatiosTrainerWesley ,

    ((Can I join??))

  9. Posted by komichi ,


  10. Posted by komichi ,

    I guess im ash

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