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  1. Posted by kumatom ,

    This chat fucking died//

  2. Posted by kumatom ,

    @blaze_the_arcanine Heya//

  3. Posted by Tama_the_fox ,


  4. Posted by kumatom ,

    @nebula_wolf I look at you and wave hi before looking at the grass again as it burns

  5. Posted by nebula_wolf ,

    I walk around aimlessly having nothing to really do "Hmm?"

  6. Posted by kumatom ,

    @nebula_wolf I sit down and I stare at a piece of grass before poking it. I give a threatened look before breathing fire at it.

  7. Posted by nebula_wolf ,

    @_kuma_ cool let's rp now))

  8. Posted by kumatom ,

    Cyndaquil Name: Kuma Moves: •Tackle •Ember •Smokescreen •Charm

  9. Posted by kumatom ,

    @nebula_wolf I see your sable, here is my bio//

  10. Posted by nebula_wolf ,

    @_kuma_ sure))

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