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  1. Posted by dreNot0k ,

    @night_rose yea))

  2. Posted by night_rose ,

    @dre_0k ya))

  3. Posted by dreNot0k ,

    @night_rose cool))

  4. Posted by night_rose ,

    @dre_0k good u))

  5. Posted by dreNot0k ,

    @night_rose how are you))

  6. Posted by night_rose ,

    @dre_0k hey

  7. Posted by dreNot0k ,

    @night_rose Laughs as the roll around on the ground"hey"

  8. Posted by sugersweet ,

    @Angels_aqua ))

  9. Posted by sugersweet ,

    *Rowlet watches other Pokemon play as she watches from the tree branches*

  10. Posted by sugersweet ,

    Yay :,D)

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