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  1. Posted by fairyenzo ,

    Hey frens

  2. Posted by beebee19 ,

    My area is really good for it and I like being active and being outside so it's definitely one of my favourite games to play! The new updates with the raid battles are awesome, you can get some rare Pokemon ☺️

  3. Posted by Lj_ 🎀,

    I never had any Pokemon where I live it was so annoying

  4. Posted by Puppylover59 ,

    Played it for a month and didn't go over level 7

  5. Posted by Lj_ 🎀,

    Always having to have Internet and no battery hahaha I'm not a mobile gamer anyway

  6. Posted by Lj_ 🎀,

    @puppylover59 I played it for a week and thought it was shit

  7. Posted by Puppylover59 ,

    Isint anyone already getting tired of pokemon go?😧

  8. Posted by Lj_ 🎀,


  9. Posted by beebee19 ,

    Yay 3 raids happening soon ☺️☺️

  10. Posted by Wildpalmtree ,

    Or a Cofagrigus or yamask?

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