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  1. Posted by Maxis X,

    So looks like Nintendo has made a it know that the switch will not replace the 3ds but run in parallel with the 3ds. Meaning we will get 3ds exclusive games and switch exclusive games. Some there is no need to worry for the Pokémon fans it will still remain on the 3ds

  2. Posted by Skyla ,

    @beebeexo I'm good

  3. Posted by beebee19 ,

    Hi hi @maxis

  4. Posted by Maxis X,

    @beebeexo hey

  5. Posted by beebee19 ,

    How are you @skyla_carrots

  6. Posted by Skyla ,

    @beebeexo hey

  7. Posted by beebee19 ,

    Hiiiii 🎈

  8. Posted by Thechipmunk03 ,

    @ace_black of course!

  9. Posted by ace_black R,

    @thechipmunk03 Thank you. Although I am 8 hours late. But thank you

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