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  1. Posted by hellkaiser ,

    @ryukis I know I'm just asking people

  2. Posted by ryukis98 ,

    @hellkaiser it’s not a rp here

  3. Posted by hellkaiser ,

    Anyone here wanna dm me for a Cynthia x oc rp?

  4. Posted by lightwolf133 ,

    @cayde_six np

  5. Posted by Orisa_ ,

    Thx boi

  6. Posted by lightwolf133 ,

    @cayde_six just chilling. Good luck on ur test

  7. Posted by Orisa_ ,

    @spooky_pupper an upcoming German Test At School,HBU?

  8. Posted by lightwolf133 ,

    @cayde_six what's up my bro

  9. Posted by Orisa_ ,

    @spooky_pupper ayyyy ma boi

  10. Posted by lightwolf133 ,

    @cayde_six yo what's up bruh

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