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  1. Posted by Mountain_toad_sage D,

    Hey all

  2. Posted by daisuke25 ,

    Alright, thanks, I caught a dewgong with one of the pokeballs I got from the gift

  3. Posted by juicejessica1 ,

    Yes me on my brothers account

  4. Posted by daisuke25 ,

    Was that you @juicejessica1_52 ?

  5. Posted by daisuke25 ,

    I got a friend request

  6. Posted by daisuke25 ,

    Well... I'm 25 so...

  7. Posted by Staz staz_charlie_blood_gam30v3r,


  8. Posted by juicejessica1 ,

    @daisuke25 I could add you on my little brothers account

  9. Posted by daisuke25 ,

    Also I would appreciate some gifts if that's okay, I need pokeballs

  10. Posted by daisuke25 ,

    7363 5643 5206

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