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  1. Posted by pileofpotatoes ,

    Yaayyyyyy @purple but it might be late by the time I get to trade cause I have to work for 5 hours tonight

  2. Posted by atomic A,

    Sup kids

  3. Posted by purple ,

    @pileofpotatoes I'll trade when I get home.

  4. Posted by Mountain_toad_sage D,

    Morning all

  5. Posted by pileofpotatoes ,

    I got a bunch if cool pokemon

  6. Posted by Maxis X,


  7. Posted by pileofpotatoes ,

    I got it from wonder trade and it made me so happy

  8. Posted by pileofpotatoes ,

    I have a level 100 shiny ditto with max ivs

  9. Posted by pileofpotatoes ,

    Oh damn, I need a destiny knot then

  10. Posted by Maxis X,

    Yes and no think of it this way if a pokemon with a destany knot that has 6 max iv as one of the parents it may pass all 6 or pass 4 if it can

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