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    @igorkitten56 yo

  3. Posted by igorkitten56 ,

    Hello. Anyone on?

  4. Posted by igorkitten56 ,

    She c;

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    @igorkitten56 I dont know if it is he or she)

  7. Posted by igorkitten56 ,

    @kinjaz Yeah I only chat lol and you said he/she a lot of times that's funny to me XD don't worry I understand though

  8. Posted by maunsell ,

    Wow that was dumb. Many people on the app do roleplay, however many people on the app don't. There are often examples of little to no interaction between the two, for example yourself.

  9. Posted by ryomax ,

    @kepooangelia That's why I hate when someone else is talking instead of the one I ask)

  10. Posted by gam30v3r_557548473 luna1104_gam30v3r,

    Do you understand why @monster_energy responded the way we did? The way you’re wording your question makes it sound like people shouldn’t be on here if their intent of use is anything but to roleplay

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