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  1. Posted by _yuki__ ,

    Hiya! Have any Pokémon that you’d like to breed? Come drop them off at our Pokémon daycare! We have habitats for all Pokémon, dining halls, luxurious bedrooms, and much more! This is a private chat, so please dm @shylittlegeek to join! Thank you! ^~^))

  2. Posted by RomeDaUmbreon ,

    (Pokémon Are Sexy) Discord: https://discord.gg/uFjnS6W

  3. Posted by Dylan2112 ,

    @pokeslut_may ok dm me

  4. Posted by pokeslut_may ,

    @dylan_ sure

  5. Posted by Dylan2112 ,

    @pokeslut_may so do you want to rp or something

  6. Posted by pokeslut_may ,

    @dylan_ yep

  7. Posted by Dylan2112 ,

    @pokeslut_may that’s good

  8. Posted by pokeslut_may ,

    @dylan_ good

  9. Posted by Dylan2112 ,

    @pokeslut_may I’m good hbu

  10. Posted by pokeslut_may ,

    @dylan_ hru

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