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    Anyone wanna do an ash/misty or dawn rp?

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    Name: Axel Age: 19 Sex: male Pokémon: flareon lvl.74 (Moves: flame wheel, flamethrower, fire fang, quick attack) Tyranitar lvl. 62 (Moves: earthquake, dark pulse, crunch, bite) Heracross lvl. 63 (Moves: mega horn, close combat, night slash, hyper beam) Noctowl lvl. 61 (Moves: fly, aerial ace, steel wing, gust) Sudowoodo lvl.65 (Moves: stone edge, rock tomb, wood hammer, hammer arm) Steelix lvl. 60 (Moves: iron tail , dragon breath, ice fang, fire fang) Student at the academy Looked just like the picture Bio: axel is a boy who loves adventure I attends the academy to better himself and his Pokémon his flareon is his best friend and Axel rarely isn't with her he only keeps her in her poke ball when he has to he is from the johto region and loves batting and meeting new people

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    What's this

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    Name:Kampa Position:Academy Teacher/Instructor Age:19 Sex:Male Pokemon:Sableye Lvl.67 Mismagius Lvl.53 Mawile Lvl.56 Honchkrow Lvl.65 Drapion Lvl.51 Elektross Lvl.63 Pokemon Moves;Sableye:Dark Pulse, Detect, Will-O-Wisp, Fake Out Mismagius:ShadowBall, Confuse Ray, Toxic Spikes, Calm Mind Mawile:Bulk up, Vice Grip, Hammerarm, SwordsDance Honchkrow:Bravebird, Aerial Ace, Roost, Dig Drapion:Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Defense Curl, Poison Sting Elektross:Bolt Strike, Charge, Magnet Rise, Crunch Abilities:Sableye:Intimidate Mismagius:Levitate Mawile:Sturdy Murkrow:Shadow Tag Drapion:Rough Skin Elektross:Static

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    Name: Austin Reis Age: 16 Day of the Birthing: August 4th Height: 5'10 Weight: 102 Sexuality: very GAY! (won't push it on others, cross my heart) Appearance: hair length- short Hair colour- dark brown Eye colour- hazel+blue (change) Pokemon: espeon, umbreon, roserade, milotic, altaria, beautifly Desired position: Pokemon coordination teacher

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    Name: Jon Templeton Kanto Region Pallet Town Male 19 Ginger shaggy hair Pale Blue eyes Black top Black skinny jeans Pokémon Owned Charmander Am a new trainer looking out to become the number one champion of the world with ma buddy old pal charmander 😉

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    Wolfgang Mikhailov Kanto Region Saffron City Male 16 Black shaggy hair Tan Hazel eyes Light abs Chiseled features Fingerless gloves Black leather jacket with a grey hoodie Black jeans Two rings New to training he wondered out to form bonds with four pokemon for his team he chose baby pokemon so he can evolve and learn along their side. The few that approached him during his spiritual journey were Shadinja approached him first after he followed the small creature finding it beautiful. As he and Shadinja continued he encountered an abandoned Teddyursa he took in. He found a gible by a lake that played with Teddyursa and the small shark pokemon followed them and he soon joined the team after a larvitar fell asleep next to them letting the gible know he was safe this was his team and he was happy. When he returned home he decided to attend the pokemon academy

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    @hereswolfgang Here it is

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