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    (name Luke R. Rio age 13 gender male race lucario he wanted to see how the humans are taught about the pokémon, hoping to learn english as he goes so he can learn something that he doesnt already know and spend some time in the shoes of a human, both figuratively and literally)

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    @bronzefox (aww)

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    It's a new trainer ready for academy he only had his starter (mudkip)

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    Name: Austin Reis(real name) Age: 16 Gender: male Day of the Birthing: August 4th Height: 5'10 Weight: 102 Sexuality: very GAY! (won't push it on others, cross my heart) Appearance: hair length- short Hair colour- black+blue Eye colour- blue Facial hair- none Likes: *books, cooking, being useful, adventure, singing, dancing, adding dramatic moments to rps* Dislikes: *Bugs, blood, drugs, and slutty people* Description: hates death and unnecessary fighting, but will fight to protect his friends, no family, quite at first but can open up quickly, and if my character likes you, whether you say your straight or not, he will hit on you Back story: Both parents murdered, and sister committed suicide because of their deaths...but he doesn't talk about it. Role: student Team: Beautifly- Silver wind, bug buzz, air slash, giga drain Aigeslash- Kings shield, Cut, shadow claw, Furry cutter Alolan Ninetails- Moon blast, ice beam, dragon pulse, blizzard Lopunny- force palm, double slap, ice beam, double kick Vaporeon- Aqua ring, Hydro pump, surf, aqua jet Rapidash- flamethrower, stomp, extreme speed, flame charge

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    @public_enemy k

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    @naruchu just post a bio and automatically assume it's approved unless I say otherwise.

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    (So we just post the bio here and wait for approval?)

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