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    @fractalbot @kyle_ feel free to hop on in. We need people to start this thing back up.))

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    @fractalbot you wanna DM me? Haha ))

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    @kyle_ I still wanna. Do we just hop into the main room and go for it? Do you prefer I post first or do you want to?

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    @fractalbot message meeeee if you still wanna 🤘🏻 ))

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    @Kyle_ I would be happy to RP with you, Kyle.

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    Name - Malachite Role - Student (Breeder) Malachite has spent much of his life breeding koffings, attempting to make ultimate versions of them. By using the best materials and selectively breeding them he hopes to not only exceed the health and power of others, but breed in entirely new abilities. His current projects include breeding toward the development of healing abilities and something similar to payday. They may be pipe dreams, but they give him the drive to continue even through the toughest times. He loves them and tends to be affectionate with them despite their venting. He is also friendly to other people, but respects boundaries. While his focus is breeding, he is willing to indulge in other things. If someone wants a friendly battle or contest, he is willing to oblige. He fights wild pokemon for the same reason and occasionally catches them if they can serve a purpose.

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    Anyone care to RP with me? ))

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    Name: Jade Age: 18 Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Species: Human Role: Pokémon Trainer/Student at Pokémon Academy Likes: Gaming, Anime, Manga, Sleeping, Swimming Dislikes: Seafood, Bugs, Jerks Pokémon: Alolan Ninetails, Absol, Sylveon, Espeon, Pikachu Personality: Energetic, Nice, Funny, Chill, Fun

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    @public_enemy eevee

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