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    ~Trainer~ •Name: Skylan Rose •Nickname: Sky •Gender: female •Age: 14 •Nature: rash •Birth Region: Alola •Height: 5'3" •Weight: 119 pounds •Extra: a burn scar on her lower right leg •Relationship: single •Sexual Orientation: straight •Past: when 5 years old she went camping with her parents but the forest caught on fire and killed her parents. It would've killed her too but a lucario named Luke saved her and watched over her ever since ----------------------- ~Pokemon~ -Lucario (shiny) •Name: Luke •Gender: male •Item: lucarionite •Nature: serious •Level: 100 •Ability: justified •Moves: Aura sphere, protect, extreme speed, earthquake •Extra: he can talk •Additional: he's more of a guardian figure, not her pokemon. They share mega stones but he never fights unless truly necessary. -Incineroar •Gender: male •Nature: naughty •Level: 56 •Ability: blaze •Item: Incinium Z •Moves: leech life, darkest lariat, flamethrower, blast burn •Met: starter pokemon -Lycanroc •Gender: male •Nature: bold •Level: 50 •Ability: sand rush •Moves: accelerock, brick break, rock climb, stone edge -Ninetales •Gender: female •Nature: gentle •Level: 48 •Ability: snow cloak •Moves: dazzling gleam, ice beam, blizzard, giga impact -Mimikyu •Gender: male •Nature: lonely •Level: 47 •Ability: disguise •Moves: shadow claw, dark pulse, thunderbolt, x-scissor -one more pokemon could be added to the team(want to be that pokemon? Message me!)

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