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  1. Posted by beautyofthebass ,

    @sinful_clarity Ohh? Well im sorry about that. I mean geeking doesnt let me send things when i do. Heh but yeah -smiled up at you-

  2. Posted by spookysin ,

    @aoba *Smiles wrapping my arms around the boy*

  3. Posted by ayoba ,

    @sinful_clarity ò-ó -climbs onto lap-

  4. Posted by spookysin ,

    @sasako Don't even mention it sister. *He smiled and pat her gently* I hate leaving without seeing someone's reply, they seem to think I ignored them @aoba >:3

  5. Posted by ayoba ,

    @sinful_clarity :>

  6. Posted by riverperson ,

    @alter poked- ....

  7. Posted by beautyofthebass ,

    @sinful_clarity ^^ your welcome brother. -she sat on the floor legs crossed-

  8. Posted by beautyofthebass ,

    @alter Indeed.

  9. Posted by spookysin ,

    @aoba I knew my princess wouldn't let me slip.

  10. Posted by ayoba ,

    @sinful_clarity Permission granted.

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