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  1. Posted by lily_sayuri ,

    @frostbite44455 hello -smiles and waves-

  2. Posted by frostbite44455 ,

    @lily_sayuri *waves* ellloo

  3. Posted by craft77 ,

    @lily_sayuri *waves*

  4. Posted by lily_sayuri ,

    -sighs and ears flick-

  5. Posted by craft77 ,

    *he sat at the counter yawning and looking around*

  6. Posted by maya_phantomhive ,

    @craft77 yawns softly-

  7. Posted by craft77 ,

    @yuki_thevampireprincess *he nodded and walked back to the bar putting the wine bottle back and taking a seat*

  8. Posted by maya_phantomhive ,

    @craft77 smiles back- I will

  9. Posted by craft77 ,

    @yuki_thevampireprincess *smiles and bows *if you need anything only ask miss

  10. Posted by maya_phantomhive ,

    @craft77 that's all I smile and drinks the wine -

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