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  1. Posted by yumiko ,

    @drhouse - pats head- congrats also

  2. Posted by yumiko ,

    @myrmidons @drhouse come now....

  3. Posted by riverperson ,

    Lol 😂

  4. Posted by on951_52 ,

    @drhouse He chuckled and laughed lightly. "I'd enjoy seeing you to try sir. But won't be my fault when your wife turns into a widow."

  5. Posted by yumiko ,

    @lilitu -hugs-

  6. Posted by drhouse ,

    @myrmidons did i give you permission to touch my pregant wife? No I didn't now I suggest you leave her alone before I break your fucking hand

  7. Posted by riverperson ,

    @drhouse no???

  8. Posted by gam30v3r_507835576 souszkosz_gam30v3r,

    "Hmm... theres demons. The guy who touches everyone. A girl with a smaller girl in between her boobs and a sheep. Maybe i had a bit too much to drink" i said and stood up stretching a bit. "Time to get back to my work. Lumber ain't gunna cut it self" i said and i walk to the counter paying for a pacjk of beer and then i left once it was given.

  9. Posted by on951_52 ,

    @drhouse "Because she's a cute little kitty." He chuckled softly.

  10. Posted by keyshawnthewolf ,

    @vanity Hm something wrong?

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