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  1. Posted by kanaria_68 🌸,


  2. Posted by kanaria_68 🌸,

    @coffee Dont even wanna watch Food Wars. Shit just makes me go hungrg 😫

  3. Posted by Aveltheas ,

    @kanaria Oh damn 😂 Food wars, or whatever it’s called, was good

  4. Posted by philodox ,

    aw damn

  5. Posted by kanaria_68 🌸,

    @coffee No, since its about food. So you’ll definitely not like it 😂

  6. Posted by Aveltheas ,

    @kanaria If it doesn’t have people beating the life out of each other, I don’t wanna watch it 😳

  7. Posted by kanaria_68 🌸,

    @coffee Lmao it just came out this year too thats also why

  8. Posted by Aveltheas ,

    @kanaria Damn, never heard of that. Then again, I don’t watch anime anymore

  9. Posted by kanaria_68 🌸,

    @coffee Its called Kakukiryo: Bed & Breakfast Inn for Spirits

  10. Posted by Aveltheas ,

    That’s the reason I don’t want to turn vegetarian

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